• Motor / Pump Alignment

    Site alignment

    Motor / Pump Alignment
  • Compressor Overhaul

    On site inspection and repair

    Compressor Overhaul
  • Large Fan Repair

    Bearing renewal and fan inspection

    Large Fan Repair
  • Hydro Turbine

    Installation of Runner

    Hydro Turbine
  • Large motor bearing checks

    On site services

    Large motor bearing checks
  • A.C.3 Phase Motor Refurbishing

    Workshop services

    A.C.3 Phase Motor Refurbishing
  • Motor alignment

    On site alignment

    Motor alignment
  • Dynamic Balancing Fan

    Workshop balancing

    Dynamic Balancing Fan
  • High Speed Spindle Refurbishment

    Workshop services

    High Speed Spindle Refurbishment

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Precision Shaft, Belt & Geometric Alignment


On Site or Workshop, Precise Dynamic Balancing of Rotating Components


Electromechanical Equipment Servicing

On Site Services

Maintenance of Industrial Rotating Plant & Equipment

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