Improve Machine Reliability, Production and Profitability using Qualtex Precision Alignment

Poor alignment accounts for up to 50% of vibration problems in rotating machines

The correct alignment of rotating machinery is an important aspect in maintaining trouble free plant operation.
Qualtex technicians have the experience and the best equipment to help ensure problematic alignment issues are resolved efficiently and effectively. 

Key benefits of Precision Laser Alignment are:

  • Reduces Noise and Vibration
  • Increases Bearing Life
  • Reduces Wear
  • Reduces Friction
  • Increases Machinery life
  • Improves plant efficiency

Laser Shaft Alignment

Misalignment can lead to poor machine performance, premature equipment failure and production losses resulting from bearing failures, stresses caused by excessive machine vibration, accelerated coupling and seal component degradation. This can be easily identified and rectified using Precision Laser Shaft Alignment.

For example; a standard 2 pole (2950 RPM) direct coupled motor / pump assembly requires the alignment to be better than 0.05mm / 100mm angular error and 0.05mm parallel offset.

The higher the shaft R.P.M. the finer the alignment accuracy needs to be to achieve smooth machine operation.

Using old traditional alignment methods such as dial indicators or straight edges can be time consuming and difficult to achieve the desired results.

An experienced technician using modern laser alignment equipment and pre-cut shims, can resolve misalignment issues accurately and efficiently reducing plant down time to a minimum.

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Laser Belt Alignment

Qualtex laser belt alignment achieves the highest level of accuracy making the ‘old straight edge’, string lines or ‘line up by eye’ methodology cumbersome and inaccurate by comparison.

This equipment is commonly used on a wide range of machinery incorporating a drive motor installed with sprockets and chains or pulleys and belts used typically to couple fans, blowers and some compressors as examples.

The laser beam indicates misalignment in three planes:

  • Vertical angular offset
  • Horizontal angular offset
  • Parallel offset

Once identified, the misalignment can be resolved using standard correction methods.


Geometric Laser Alignment

For critical plant installations that require precision alignment, for example specialist manufacturing industries, Qualtex can provide suitably trained engineers and alignment equipment to make precision measurement and correction of the following:

  • Straightness: measurement of machine foundations, shafts, journals, machine tools
  • Flatness / Squareness: to measure twist e.g. machine foundations, beds and tables
  • Parallelism: to measure between rolls, stands, machine ends, rails, press tables and shafts in paper and printing machines, steel rolling mills
  • Spindle direction: measurement of machine tools to bed ways and centers
  • Centre of Circle: used to measure the straightness of bores, ship output shaft bearing journals and diaphragm bores
  • Plumb line: to measure plumb and straightness e.g. Turbine and generator shaft

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