Rotating Equipment Dynamic Balancing

Component unbalance in rotating equipment is the most common cause of vibration.

This can have an adverse effect on installed plant and machinery.

The results can be:

  • Increases in mechanical stresses
  • Premature bearing and component failure
  • Structural cracking
  • Reduced machine efficiency
  • Increase ancillary failure rates
  • Reduced plant reliability

Dynamic balancing typically takes place during a machine overhaul after disassembly, cleaning and dimensional checks have been carried out, normally in a workshop environment.

Qualtex has a balancing machine installed in their workshop facility capable of carrying loads of up to 4000kg.

The technician inputs component dimensions and the total mass, the balancing computer program then creates a report based on this data recording the initial (as found) and residual unbalance information after the item has been dynamically balanced.

The balancing equipment utilises the ISO 1940-1:2003 balancing standard and our technicians can reach a precision grade of ISO G0.4. if required.

If it’s not practical to remove a machine offsite for disassembly and in some cases where the rotating component can be easily accessed, for example many large fans, onsite balancing can be carried out.

Qualtex technicians use portable balancing equipment to carry out this process on the client’s site.


Typical Components that require balancing are:

  • Electric motor armature and rotors
  • High speed spindle moulders and routers
  • Paper and food rollers
  • Pump impellors
  • Turbine rotors
  • Blowers and fans
  • Critical Gear box components
  • Drive shafts and couplings

The benefits of carrying out precision balancing are:

  • Reduction in rotating machinery vibration
  • Increases in bearing life
  • Increases mean time between failures
  • Machinery and associated ancillary life extended
  • Increased plant reliability
  • Potential reduction in maintenance costs


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