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Bearing changeRotating Equipment Specialists

Qualtex technicians and engineers specialise in the repair and maintenance of rotating equipment and also some of the associated ancillaries attached.

We specialise in the repair of a large range of machinery installed on industrial sites throughout New Zealand.

Some of this work is carried out during scheduled plant shut downs either on the client’s site or if additional specialised repairs are required, components can be transported to the Qualtex workshop repair facility.

Examples of equipment serviced are:

Electric Motor Servicing

A.C. and D.C. motors with a large range of physical sizes and power ratings require scheduled electrical testing and inspection, mechanical checks including bearing and seal inspection or renewal. The shaft alignment and machine foundations should also checked while on site.

High voltage motors usually require specialised electrical testing to check the integrity of insulations,
core laminations, rotating rectifiers and thermal protective devices normally inserted into each phase of the windings. Ancillaries such as heat exchangers and oil pressure systems can be inspected and overhauled in conjunction with the other testing taking place.

Qualtex also specialises in the servicing of white metal bearings often fitted to larger motors.

Fans, Pumps, Gearboxes

All the various rotating equipment types utilise bearings, bushes and lubricants to support and lubricate the internal components. The machine application and the operating environment along with the O.E.M recommendations will determine the maintenance schedule and time in service before bearings and the lubricants are inspected or renewed.

Qualtex specialises in the inspection, analysis and replacement of critical bearings and components.

Some bearings fitted to fans and larger machines often require cleaning, inspection and the lubricants renewing on an annual basis. With larger machines this is normally undertaken on site. 

Fluid pumps require bearing servicing along with the inspection of mechanical seals and impellor condition assessment.

Critical Bearing Fitting

Qualtex has a large range of specialised equipment available which enables their technicians to remove and inspect / renew critical bearings. Hydraulic nuts and high pressure oil injection systems allow dismounting and refitting larger bearings and couplings that require high oil pressure to expand the internal diameters to facilitate this process without damaging the components. Our engineers are experienced in carrying out inspections and measurement of bearing clearances, shaft and housing tolerances and the analysis of lubricant condition to help determine the condition of the machinery.


Machinery Utilised in Food Production

Equipment installed in food manufacturing environments requires specialised maintenance expertise.

Foreign materials and chemicals along with bacteria and pathogens must not be introduced during operation or maintenance. Qualtex technicians inspect and overhaul a large range of rotating plant installed in the Dairy and food processing environment throughout New Zealand during maintenance shuts and also in the workshop facility.

Decanters, centrifuges, rotary valves and some specialised fluid pumps are examples of the type of machines serviced by our technicians.

High Speed Spindle Moulders and Routers

The components fitted in high speed manufacturing equipment normally have precision fits and tolerances. Bearing and lubricant condition, shaft and housing fits and tolerances, rotating component straightness and residual unbalance influence high speed machine performance.

Qualtex service expertise ensures that repairs carried out on these machines comply with these special engineering requirements. After repairs and checks have been completed, the rotors and spindles are dynamically balanced to ensure vibration is reduced to minimum levels required for trouble free operation and the production of a high grade end product. Balancing of the spindles is generally carried out in the workshop facility.

Vibration Analysis Service

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